Monday, May 17, 2010

Everything Ranunculas!

In the following do it yourself arrangements, we used ranunculas. The ranuncula flower comes in almost every color possible, including green. Some varieties don't even look like ranunculas but do not let them fool you, they are!

The best thing about ranunculas is that they look like mini roses. A lot of our customers at the farmers markets repeatedly mistake them for roses.
Our first bouquet today uses white ranunculas and pink sweet peas. The white ranunculas are the most beautiful of all the ranunculas. Don't know what it is about them, but they open up bigger and fuller than all the other colors. Too contrast the white, we added a few stems of pink sweet peas down bottom for a splash of color.


Up next are more ranunculas as promised. For this one we used our deep red ranunculas. The red here is a nice deep dark color that shows love and passion. We added white asiastic lilies to contrast again. We find having a contrast of color always makes any bouquet that much more powerful. The asiastic lilies are the non smelly variety and are good for all occasions.


To end the all ranuncula post, we kept it simple and mixed in three bunches of ranunculas, all different colors. Here we have yellow, red, and purple. You can see that they go together beautifully.

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