Monday, April 26, 2010

Lavendar & Anenomes

In this weeks installment of do it yourself arrangements we have a short arrangement to work with. The flowers are purple anenomes and lavendar. The anenome is a small flower that comes in red, purple, and blue. The lavendar has several varities and smells great. Some varities are taller than others.

For this arrangement we mixed 20 stems of anenomes and 10 stems of lavendar. As you can imagine, the lavendar really makes the arrangement smell great. As well, it will make any room smell like heaven.

This arrangement was put together very easily by just grabbing two of each flower and adding them until all the flowers were used up. Some anenomes were taller than others so the key is to make sure they were all level when arranging. Once you have used up all the flowers, trim the bottom and they are instantly all the same size. Drop into the vase with fresh water, and another do it yourself arrangement is done.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gerbers & Tulips

Well it was another wonderful weekend at all of our farmers markets. If you haven't made it by, you really need to find one of our wonderful locations. You can see where we are by clicking this link.

Below you can find an arrangement that one of our marketeers made. It has orange gerber daisies, pink gerber daisies, and two bunches of yellow tulips. This is a very easy arrangement that anyone can make.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Totally Flowers!

Hello everyone. Welcome to the new Skyline Flowers blog. From here on out, we'll be talking about nothing but flowers. Whats in season, where you can find them, how you can arrange them, and everything in between.

Visit our website to see where our markets are located so you can take part in the fun that are flowers!